Welcome to Hämeenlinna

Attractions and places to visit

You know what they say – practice makes perfect!

And Hämeenlinna has had plenty of practice over the centuries to make itself a real treasure, both for adventurers and for those who simply want to relax and enjoy everything the region has to offer. This includes its impressive castles, charming attractions and fascinating museums, in addition to its birdsong, the crunch of white snow under your step and unforgettably beautiful landscapes: for example, Aulanko’s forest parkland, the Evo hiking area and The National Urban Park.

Hämeenlinna’s well-known, popular places to visit should also be on your own list: the mediaeval castle, comprehensive Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Centre, and easy-going Aulanko Spa. If you’re a friend of cultural history, the area’s splendid churches, museums and galleries are well-worth going to see.

Welcome to Hämeenlinna!


The newest attraction in our city is the mural in Kantola area. Upea17 street art festival produced 21 works of art in 13 cities around Finland. In September 2017, the highest mural in the Nordic countries was created in Hämeenlinna. Guido van Helten, an Australian artist, worked on the painting for almost a month. Map>