Make sure there’s room in your suitcase or backpack, because Hämeenlinna’s shopping centres and boutiques have plenty to interest you. And don’t forget splendid items to take home for family and friends!

Shopping center Goodman is easy to reach and, once there, it is easy to move around. The trendy and laid-back lounge of the inhabitants of Hämeenlinna contains a wide selection of fashion and leisure time shops, department stores and small shops as well as many cosy cafés and restaurants. Daily grocery shopping can also be done here.

Tiiriö Shopping Complex in the north of town offers hypermarkets, dozens of boutiques and other irresistible shops.

Tuulonen in Tuulos – a plaza that’s bright and cheery – is overflowing with health and beauty products, interior decorating, specialty shops, relaxing cafés and fast food places. It’s open every day.

Internationally renowned Finnish glassmaker Iittala will charm you with its enchanting milieu. Lasimäki – Glass Hill – offers top-quality design that’s Made in Finland. Handicrafts, interior decorating products and special treats also await you.

Tourists are also served by the specialty retail outlets and shopping centres provided in the centre of Hämeenlinna. And every visitor should experience the unique atmosphere of the city’s marketplace. In the summer, happenings are arranged there weekly, and on the first Tuesday each month a popular local attraction is the special market event.

Real bargains, not to mention personable gifts, can be found in many of the factory outlets both inside and outside the city. You’ll be glad you made the trip to Hämeenlinna for the shopping alone!

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Tourist information

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