Rent an eletric bike

Experience Hämeenlinna by eletric bike

Would you like to try an electric bike and experience Hämeenlinna? 

You can rent, free of charge, e-Bikes in the Hämeenlinna railway station and in the tourist information in the center of the city during 6.7.-12.8.2016. You can cycle through national city parks, find beautiful alleys, enjoy relaxing water front route or feel old cobblestone streets that are suitable even for the king! We also provide you with an excellent map that highlights best bike routes. 

Borrowing eBikes

You can borrow, free of charge, an electric bike, for a few hours or max. one day test drive. When borrowing the eBike, you have to present an ID/passport with a picture. Under 15 year old children need a written approval from the guardian. By signing the borrowing form, you agree to comply with the operating rules. A picture of the ID/passport is a deposit for the bike. The picture will be destroyed when returning the bike. 

Where to borrow

  • Hämeenlinna Tourist Infomation, Raatihuoneenkatu 11, Hämeenlinna. Opening hours Mon-Fri 9 am – 3.30 pm. Tel. +358 3 621 3373
  • Railway station, Hämeentie 16, Hämeenlinna. Opening hours Mon-Fri 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 5pm 

The eBike has to be returned to the borrowing place from where it was originally borrowed within the same day. Failure to return the eBike within the same day causes liability to compensate 500 €.